NaturBalance applies the principles of nutritional science, mindset and body energy to support people on the journey to achieve their potential in balance.

As a result our clients experience and enhance energy, vitality and a higher quality of life; leaving behind 
Feeling down or stressed
 Skin problems

NaturBalance inspire, guide and transform lives with simple and personalised recipes, wellness plans and care tips, using the elements of nature.

"Claudia has helped me enormously with my diet and nutritional needs. She listens with complete empathy to everything you have to say with true understanding and she is a great cook!  She is always willing to be there when you need any further advice or guidance.  Thank you Claudia.

Symptoms: Fibromyalgia

Course taken: Individual Plan NaturBalance Sessions and workshop

Karen, Midhurst, Sussex


Our Services


  * Feeling overwhelmed with all diets and information out there?    * Feeling powerless over food?

* Start your NaturBalance journey right here with us.

Enhance your relationship with what nature offers to achieve the best healthy YOU.

NaturBalance Workshops

A series of 3 talks for the HUNTER CENTRE in Haslemere UK

A series of 3 weekly  informative talks for families, carers and supporters of The Hunter Centre in Haslemere and surrounding areas

11 am to 1 pm         

Price pp £5 per session


The Brain Support Diet        

Thursday 27th February 2020

•The importance of healing our body with food

•Understanding which foods are harmful as well as beneficial


The Effects of Improved Sleep    

Thursday 5th March 2020

•Sleep quality

•Home environment

•Practical tips


Daily Routine to improve Cognitive health

Thursday 12th March 2020

•Brain-energy exercises & physical exercises

•Social activities

•Practical tips

Educational and transforming workshops for 2020

In 2020 a series of workshops:


Improving Sleep

Managing Pain and Inflammation

Better Food and Water for Life

Fixing Memory and Sleep

Healing the gut

Local and online workshops and talks to guide you to achieve a healthier life style

Talks understanding products and sharing recipes ideas 

Follow us and contact us for more information

Private workshops and retreats

Bespoke nutritional workshops

Inspiring and practical topics​ to enhance vitality and improve health

Some examples: 

Pain & Inflammation Hacks

  • Understanding inflammation and pain, causes and solutions.

  • Practical care tips to support your health

​​Fixing Memory and Sleep


  • Understanding causes and disruptions on our sleep

  • Practical,easy and economical care tips to improve sleep, memory and concentration

Prices according to the country of residence

Meet  Claudia

Welcome to NaturBalance, I am Claudia Vargas and I'm passionate about inspiring and helping others.


If you are interested in learning more about using food and the wellness principles of nature in your lifestyle, combined with mindfulness, and holistic healing, you are in the right place.

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